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We are a marketing consulting firm that work with businesses of all realms. We are located in Kirkland, Washington but that does not limit us. As the method in which you reach your audience is ever evolving, we step in to analyze what works, what doesn’t, and compile a marketing strategy to better suit your short and long-term goals. Whether it’s creating a flyer for your open house or designing a fully customized website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your finance company; we are here to assist with what we do best, and that’s to market YOU!


I grew up in a large family of 25 kids, yes, you read that right. Originally from the sunny tropics of Sri Lanka, I moved to Seattle to pursue my dreams of attending college and eventually opening up my own marketing company. Growing up in Sri Lanka was a very unique experience that exposed me to many different cultures, that enables me to offer a diverse perspective to my clients.



Marketing Consulting

EKVA strongly believes that having a different perspective is vital in business. Having a third party analyze your strategy gives you that competitive edge that you’ve been looking for. Your consultant can troubleshoot issues before going live by giving you a holistic view on how you market to your clients.

Social Media Marketing

What’s the first thing you do when you want to try out a new restaurant? Check for reviews online? We thought so. People have an emotional connection to what they see and read, our job is to make sure you achieve that connection with your clientele. We provide a range of services in this area; from building your social media presence to maintaining a consistent brand, we are able to cater to a variety of needs.

Print Marketing

Print provides a personal touch to your marketing. Drawing attention to your brand can be challenging because print can’t hide behind gimmicks; which is why we create eye catching materials that will leave a memorable impression of your brand. EKVA designs custom marketing pieces that include flyers, brochures, trifolds, signs, postcards etc.

Digital Marketing

First impressions have a lasting effect on how your client perceives your brand, we want to ensure that yours is a good one. We partner with Pentacove to provide pristine levels of digital marketing, including, but not limited to, creating websites, logos and custom branding in an effort to make your brand stand out.


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